Fail Forward, FASTER!!!

Solutions Can’t Exist Without Problems
Success Can’t Exist Without Failure

Failing Is Success

How is it that the idea of failing has  negative connotations? Why are so many people afraid to fail, or admit that they have failed? I believe that there are numerous factors that contribute to this dilemma and unfortunately they all inhibit individuals from growing, prospering and ultimately realizing their true potential.

There is someone that I met when I first moved to Las Vegas that is still to this day one of my best buddies. His name is Misha and he was kind enough to give me work at his Tree Trimming & Removal Service Company. He said something to me that will forever stick in my mind. I recite it every morning when I do my affirmations. 

“Solutions cannot exist without problems”
“Success cannot exist without failure”

As you continue reading I ask you to really think about the two lines above. Once you embrace problems and failures, and truly accept that both are necessary in order to achieve you dreams, then everything starts to fall into place. I promise you.

Fail Faster

I feel it’s always best to put myself underneath the microscope before I analyze or judge someone else. I grew up in a middle, blue color family. We lived in the suburbs where the front doors to homes where never locked. I went through a decent public school system, attended a well known 4 year university and finally landed a respectable job by society’s standards.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was being groomed constantly to fit into the so called ‘system.’ Study hard, get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, stay there as long as possible and everything will be fine. That was the equation for happiness and success that was instilled in me at a young age. The same regurgitated foolishness was told to me by my parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, employers, etc… In addition, it was heavily suggested that one should not question the status quo, or ‘rock the boat’ sort of speech. Along with this, I was conditioned to avoid failure. “Don’t get bad grades, don’t question your teachers, don’t do anything that is considered dangerous or risky, don’t start your own business.” I heard these comments and responses everyday, like clockwork. The worst part is that for the first 25+ years of my life, I listened to all of it.

I know what you all are thinking. My parents, friends, teachers, employers, and whoever else provided me advice didn’t know any better. They all had great intentions and really just tried to help. My response to that is how can you help someone if you don’t actually know what you’re talking about? If you have absolutely no context of what it is you speak or argue against, how can you consciously give advice to another individual regarding that matter? This is what I realized and the reason I began to question everything.

I woke up one morning in my north west Chicago suburb apartment and decided not to show up to work. I hated my job and I woke up every morning miserable. How could I to actually tolerate another 40 years of this??? I made a decision at that moment I would start discovering whether anyone actually knew what the hell they were talking about.

After I quit my job I packed up my car with anything that could fit in it and drove cross country to Las Vegas to begin a new chapter in my life. No job, no income, no friends, no safety net, absolutely nothing but me and my wits. Everyone thought I was being irrational and had not considered the real consequences of my actions. However, why did I feel like I was doing the right thing? People near and dear to me couldn’t understand why I did what I did. I know now it’s because they were too afraid to take that type of risk themselves. As a result, they justify to themselves that I’m crazy and illogical. I had just challenged their belief systems. If people aren’t ready to change then they can never understand why entrepreneurs do what they do.

I’ll admit that the first 2 years were an absolute grind. I was broke several times and nowhere near where I envisioned myself being at that point in my life. However, I learned quickly that failure does not kill you. It actually does the exact opposite, if you allow it.

Everything is a blessing in disguise, if your ready to accept the blessing. If I didn’t fall flat on my face multiple times, then I would never really know who I am as a person, a man, a business man, a friend, a son, a brother or a lover. Until you strip back all of your layers and get transparent with yourself you will not be able to realize your true potential.

Go Get Your Success

I don’t want to give away everything in this post, so I will be continuing this discussion and more context of my personal life experience in the next one. Stay tuned and let me know what you think Here.

Remember the two lines from the beginning of the post and take time to really analyze and connect it to your own life. The impact will be huge.

“Solutions cannot exist without problems”
“Success cannot exist without failure”

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