Selling a Difficult to Explain Product

Sometimes the dream product or service you’re selling can’t be explained in a quick catchphrase. When you go to sell a potential customer, you realize there’s more to it than you can adequately describe within the five minute window you have. This can be a frustrating experience and walking away without that sale is deflating.
Luckily for you, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve gone through the trial and error of a complex product and how hard it can be to sell it. Through my failures though, I’ve found a few steps you can take to help you better understand the product and better sell it. You’ll be amazed what these tips can do for your marketing game.

If your mind is drawing a blank on how to describe a feature, maybe you don’t know it well enough. Or, deeper, you don’t fully understand it. Get to know your product down to the finest detail and be passionate about what you’re trying to sell here. If you yourself don’t understand your product, how do you expect a potential customer to?

Maybe trying to describe what the product exactly does is where you’re losing your mojo. Try a different approach. Think about what situation your potential customer may encounter and how this product makes this situation better or solves a problem that may arise. Place your product in a real world example this relevant to your customer and they’ll start envisioning the possibilities on their own without your help.

Attempt to describe a ferris wheel as if you’re talking to someone who has never seen or heard of one. It’s near impossible, isn’t it? Now pull out a picture and try again to describe it. It makes it a lot easier. Try to use visuals, such as photos or video clips, to better explain your product. You’ll find that this assists immensely for truly tricky products.

A great example I always use to help me sell better is infomercials. They take all three of these tricks into account as they attempt to sell me on the product of the month. The speakers know everything about the product, they tell you what situation they fix, and they give you videos and images to better follow along. And, as a result, they sell millions of dollars worth of strange, unique, and complex products.
When asked how to better sell a difficult to explain product, some “experts” tell you to return to the whiteboard and redesign the product entirely. This is unnecessary. Why would you dumb down a product that you know works exactly as it should? Try the steps above and you’ll be able to explain your product to customers better in no time.
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